Our History!

In 1889 a group of individuals - the majority being farmers - joined together a common goal in mind. Thirteen sub-alliances and townships met in Fairview township of Livingston County, Missouri to discuss and deliberate on the possibility of organizing a competitive, cooperation insurance company within the means of the people.

It took much consideration and correspondence by the dedicated few to learn and organize how an insurance company could be formed and operated efficiently, according to the state regulations. On November 20, 1890, the Farmers Mutual Insurance Company of Livingston County met, elected a board and offices and adopted a constitution and by-laws. by July 1, 1891, the Missouri Secretary of State signed the certificate of incorporation.

The management of the company us vested in the Board of Directors, who are elected from the general membership. The Board of Directors consists of seven members, serving staggered, three-year terms. In the early days, the secretary could be found traveling across the county in a one-horse buggy to adjust claims or writing new business. The company utilizes agents now and at this time is authorized to write insurance in all counties within the state of Missouri.

The principal of Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance has extensively and successfully tired in neighboring states. The Missouri General Assembly passed the acts authorizing farmers to organize mutual fire insurance companies.

It has been over 100 years since that initial goal was reached and Farmers Mutual insurance Company of Livingston County continues to provide service to our policy holders with the goals set forth by the founders of our company.


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